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5 Reasons To Use EPAPro From Skilltech Solutions

EPAPro is a dynamic service-delivery platform that guides EPA assessors, employers, training providers, and apprentices through the entire End Point Assessment (EPA) journey, from registration to results.

EPAPro is a dynamic service-delivery platform that guides EPA assessors, employers, training providers, and apprentices through the entire End Point Assessment (EPA) journey, from registration to results. With a 90% pass rate, the results speak for themselves. Here’s why the strategy is so successful.

1) Integrated Assessment Tools

Candidates, providers, and apprenticeship designers deserve to have assessments that reflect authentic progress. However, it’s often the case that a disorganised or disconnected assessment approach limits the options, failing everyone involved.

With the power of integration comes equally powerful assessment opportunities. EPAPro enables the creation of a comprehensive and personalised assessment strategy, combining videoconferencing, online meetings, progress tracking, and reporting. For a tailored experience, assessments can be organised on an individual or bulk basis, all of which can be managed with automatic moderation to enhance transparency.

2) Built-In Custom Forms

Uploading multiple documents can be a headache for apprentices and assessors alike. Typical inefficiencies include file compatibility issues, problems accessing scanning equipment, and storage problems, all of which can unfairly influence the assessment outcome. 

With built-in custom forms, EPAPro ensures that registration, planning templates, and assessments can all be handled from a central, easy-to-navigate hub, so that everyone is on the same page. In an approach that’s fair for everyone, built-in custom forms also improve moderation techniques such as accurate comparative analysis, enabling continual improvement of course and assessment design.   

3) Effortless Collaboration

Apprenticeships require seamless communication between employers, training providers, and candidates. The better the collaboration, the more effective, efficient, and accurate the end-point assessment will be.

EPAPro can be accessed from any device and is customisable so that all stakeholders can log in and keep track of progress. Taking the form of a digital meeting place, everyone involved in the assessment can share information, upload resources, and keep track of progress.

4) Complete Connectivity

A one-stop end-point assessment solution saves time, increases efficiency, and reduces costs. As such, successful digital approaches are about empowering users by connecting as many critical business tools as possible. 

EPAPro brings together Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Maps, as well as a host of helpful connections such as surveys, email, and servers. For maximum ease of use, the software also integrates fully with BTL Surpass and links directly to ESFA.

5) Eyes On The Horizon

Software can quickly become antiquated, making it no-longer fit for purpose. The Covid-19 pandemic introduced a host of new considerations into apprenticeship programmes and their associated assessments, elevating the importance of face-to-face digital meetings and revealing the need for agility, flexibility, and rapid responses to environmental changes.

EPAPro is designed with a responsive development strategy that evolves in tandem with stakeholder requirements. As such, as the assessment environment changes, no candidate is left behind.

What Next?

At Skilltech Solutions, we’ve seen the effects of increased efficiency and advanced design in empowering apprenticeship stakeholders towards rewarding outcomes. For more information about EPAPro, please get in touch today to arrange a free software demonstration. 

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