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Trusted EPA Software

EPA software – trusted by leaders in awarding and assessment.

epaPRO is Skilltech Solutions’ flagship product for the apprenticeship market. Designed specifically for use by End-Point Assessment Organisations (EPAOs), we are the UK’s leading EPA management software. 

With complete customisation for your organisation’s needs, useful integrations with your most used apps, and a streamlined interface, epaPRO provides the tools you need to organise EPA, collaborate with stakeholders, and help apprentices achieve more. 

epaPRO has been designed in collaboration with leading awarding and assessment bodies with one goal in mind – to make managing EPA easier, no matter your organisation’s size. 

01) Reliable System


epaPRO is designed with your organisation’s needs in mind – but it doesn’t stop evolving. Feature requests, feedback sessions and continued collaboration ensure that we develop features based on your needs.

02) 50 integrates

Multiple integrations

From conducting assessments using best-in-class risr/ assessment technology, contacting IEPAs via Teams or making use of agile enrolment with Aptem, epaPRO is designed to make the learner journey – and your management of it – seamless.

03) seamlessly scalable

Seamlessly Scalable

epaPRO has been shaped by the ever-evolving needs of Ofqual-approved assessment and awarding bodies. Whether managing 1 apprentice or 10,000, epaPRO will help you deliver seamless communication, reporting and management features at scale.

04) Intuitive Design-05-1-1

Intuitive design

epaPRO is your EPA management tool – and everything from its features to its branding are designed specifically for your organisation.

Unlock the full potential of your EPA journey

End-to-end EPA success 

Centralised, scalable, customisable, secure epaPRO gives you a framework to not only manage EPA – but also the tools to grow in line with your business’ ambitions. It gives you unparalleled visibility and control of apprentice journeys, from registration to certification.

  • Fit-for-purpose

  • Adaptable

  • Comprehensively supported

epaPRO is not just a tool

epaPRO is developed in collaboration with seasoned professionals and leading organisations within the apprenticeship sector. That means it is built with an inherent understanding of the challenges and nuances of end-point assessment management – and provides the tools to streamline EPA.

Diverse assessment methods, one hub for EPA

Every sector and standard has unique assessment requirements and challenges, which means our platform is inherently flexible and customisable. epaPRO doesn’t come ‘out-of-the-box’: we work with you to shape epaPRO to better managethe assessment methodologies, criteria, and workflows that matter to you.

Onboarding and ongoing support

From initial onboarding and implementation to usage months or years down the line, our dedicated and personal support channels ensure that your team gets the most out of epaPRO. Extensive training resources, 1-to-1 sessions and a responsive service desk empower your team to master epaPRO easily – and reach out whenever they need help.

What our customers say

Innovate Awarding worked with the team at Skilltech on the design and development of epaPRO since its creation. We have received lots of positive praise from our clients on the ease of use to successfully prepare, monitor and track apprentices through End-Point Assessments. The system has ensured that we can administer our processes in the most streamlined way.

SQA has been working with Skilltech since August 2018, using their epaPRO technology to support delivery of our End-Point Assessment service. During this time, we have found Skilltech to be a very responsive partner, actively engaged in understanding our business needs and translating these into an effective technology solution.

When we had to design and run completely revamped final assessments for healthcare science trainees because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Skilltech helped us massively. They swiftly spun up an instance of epaPRO for us, worked rapidly on some developments on the platform to support some of our specific needs and provided expert guidance and support about how to use and adapt epaPRO so that we could run a revised assessment regime at scale and pace.


SIAS works with over 120 training providers and over 600 employers in STEM. They needed a platform that would remove antiquated ways of working, standardise data for compliance, and provide a full view of their data.


SIAS implemented epaPRO to enable better reporting, consistent management of data, and better collaboration with partners and apprentices. 


SIAS has been able to maintain its >90% apprentice pass rate whilst also embedding a tool that will help fulfil their ambitions for growth.

Simple, flexible, powerful: epaPRO Essentials

epaPRO Essentials - the flexible alternative

epaPRO Essentials is our flexible, ‘lite’ alternative to epaPRO. 

It provides everything you need to manage EPA, such as unlimited users, gateway management, appeal management and reporting… with no ongoing contractual commitment. 

It’s a powerful alternative to epaPRO – and it might be right for you.

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Your needs and ambitions are unique to your organisation. Here’s how epaPRO provides the framework for you to manage every task, build every relationship and unlock growth - all with unparalleled ease.



Configure epaPRO to meet your needs

When you use epaPRO, you hit the ground running. That’s because we tailor each version of epaPRO to your organisation’s needs. You can choose to configure options yourself – such as user roles and assessment criteria – or, you can let us support you.

Seamless management

Navigate EPA seamlessly

With epaPRO, you can manage every aspect of the EPA journey with unparalleled ease. From apprentice registration, assessment scheduling, and data management to communication and reporting, every feature is designed to provide a smooth, user-friendly experience, ensuring efficient and effective management throughout the entire EPA process.

Powerful Analytics

Unlock the power of data

epaPRO empowers your decision-making with robust reporting and analysis tools. Extract valuable insights from your apprentice and achievement data, generate comprehensive reports, and utilise analytical tools to evaluate performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions that enhance your EPA delivery and outcomes.

Continuous Improvement

Adapt and evolve with feedback and enhancements

Our platform is designed to adapt and evolve and scale, allowing you to continually refine your processes based on feedback and insights derived from your data. Your feedback shapes the platform, and with continuous updates and enhancements driven by Agile methodology, your ideas have rapid impact on your apprentice journeys.

Reliable Support

Lean on Skilltech as much as you need

Your journey with epaPRO is supported every step of the way with our comprehensive support and training resources. From day-to-day usage questions, feature requests or internal training, our dedicated support team is a feature of epaPRO– not an add-on.

epaPRO – The UK’s Leading EPA Software

epaPRO Essentials features

  • Unlimited Users
  • Checkmark Provider Contracts
  • Checkmark Custom News Articles
  • Checkmark Bulk processing for apprentice onboarding
  • Checkmark Forecasting
  • Checkmark Built in forms with option to export to/ import from PDF
  • Checkmark Fully configurable Gateway Management
  • 24/7 online access 24/7 online access
  • Checkmark EPA suggestions based on availability, distance & Conflict of Interest
  • Checkmark Powerful Assessment profile with progress indicators
  • Checkmark Fully customisable Assessments. Supporting overlapping Standard versions
  • Checkmark Automatic Moderation management
  • Checkmark Post QA result adjustments
  • Checkmark Appeals Management
  • Checkmark Back into Learning Management
  • Checkmark Record of Achievement
  • Checkmark Support Material Management
  • Checkmark Extensive Reporting suite & Dashboard

Answering your questions

What makes epaPRO special?


epaPRO puts all the intuitive tools you need to streamline end-to-end into one customisable hub. It’s driven by the individual needs of EPAOs, Training Providers and learners alike, offering you an unrivalled platform to deliver support, gain insights and lead the apprentice journey with confidence.

How does epaPRO ensure the security and confidentiality of our data?

epaPRO prioritises data security and confidentiality, employing top-tier security protocols and encryption to safeguard your data during storage and transmission. Regular security audits and updates are performed to protect against unauthorised access and data breaches, ensuring that your information remains secure and confidential throughout your usage of the platform.

Can epaPRO be integrated with other Learning Management Systems (LMS) or platforms?

Yes, epaPRO is designed to be flexible and can be integrated with various Learning Management Systems and platforms. Our team works closely with organisations at onboarding and beyond to facilitate smooth integrations, ensuring seamless data flow between systems and enhancing your apprenticeship management capabilities.

How does epaPRO support organisations in complying with regulatory standards and frameworks?

epaPRO is developed in compliance with regulatory standards set by Ofqual and frameworks for apprenticeships. The platform is continually updated to align with any changes or updates in regulatory standards, ensuring that your apprenticeship programmes and assessments are always in adherence to the latest compliance norms.

What kind of support and training does Skilltech Solutions provide to new epaPRO users?

Skilltech Solutions offers a full onboarding and training package where we train AOs, Providers, and Assessors. Onboarding is fully bespoke to our customer's needs. Our support and customer success teams are always available to assist you with any queries or issues, ensuring that you can use epaPRO to its fullest potential and navigate through the platform with ease and confidence.

How does epaPRO facilitate effective communication and management among all stakeholders in the apprenticeship journey?

epaPRO streamlines communication and management among all stakeholders - including Providers, EPAOs, and apprentices - by providing a unified platform that ensures everyone stays informed and aligned throughout the apprenticeship and assessment process. It enables transparent and efficient communication channels and facilitates clear documentation and management of all aspects of the EPA journey.

How adaptable is epaPRO to various EPA models and organisational workflows?

epaPRO is inherently flexible and can be tailored to accommodate different assessment methodologies, criteria, and organisational workflows. It ensures a fit-for-purpose solution that aligns seamlessly with the diverse and specific needs of each EPA model and organisation, providing a customisable platform that enhances your EPA management capabilities.

How does epaPRO enhance the user experience for apprentices during their EPA journey?

epaPRO ensures a smooth and transparent EPA journey by providing clear communication channels, easy access to necessary information, and streamlined processes for assessments. It ensures that apprentices are well-informed, supported, and able to navigate through their EPA journey with clarity and confidence.

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