Empower apprentices to take control of their learning

The more invested apprentices are in their own learning, the more likely they will be to complete EPA and have the knowledge and confidence to enter the workforce. 

However, to be invested, they need better oversight of their progress and better-targeted support from EPAOs and Training Providers. 

This is exactly what you can provide to them via epaPRO.

Grow confidence, encourage autonomy, improve outcomes

With epaPRO, EPAOs and Providers can give their apprentices access to a wealth of tools that let them monitor their own progress, access support materials, submit work, and communicate with you and your assessors. 

With real-time feedback mechanisms, regular updates in line with evolving standards and a user-friendly interface, it ensures you and your apprentices are in lockstep towards their achieving their certification.

Integrated Learning Modules

Provide every avenue of support

No two apprentices learn the same way. With epaPRO, you can provide learning materials, deliver feedback, and set up calls with Teams integration to ensure you can be as responsive to your apprentice’s needs as possible.

Powerful, Streamlined Progress Tracking

A Personalised Learning Dashboard

The Apprentice Dashboard in epaPRO is a dedicated feature that lets apprentices see only what they need to see – no clutter, no overwhelming admin, and totally customisable.

Feedback and Communication Tools

Stay Connected, Stay Informed

Never have an apprentice out of the loop. Deliver timely feedback, communicate with your partners in assessment, and ensure you and your learner are always aligned with their learning objectives.

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Don’t go it alone

Skilltech will always support you in building and providing the epaPRO interface that works for your organisation:


epaPRO isn’t just an out-of-the-box solution. It’s built specifically with yours and your learners’ needs in mind:


epaPRO is the right tool for EPAOs and Providers to manage their learner journeys better. However, it doesn’t look the same from one organisation to the next.  

When you book a demo with epaPRO, you can tell us what you want to achieve, and what’s holding you back - then, we show you how epaPRO can be built to see your ambitions come to fruition. 


When you have decided to adopt epaPRO, you will receive the support you need from our customer success and support teams. This includes in-depth training and configuration of the platform with the integrations and features that will let youand your apprentices hit the ground running. 


When you and your team ‘get the keys’, you will be able to start putting its features and your data to work. You can bulk onboard apprentices, pull through relevant news and updates to the apprentice dashboard and upload relevant training materials.


epaPRO won’t look the same as when you first start using it – and it is designed to scale with you.

As you onboard more apprentices and manage more standards, you will be able to make tweaks to reporting, workflows, onboarding and even deliver assessments within the platform (epaPRO Assess).

At every step of the way, it makes apprenticeship delivery more centralised, consistent and easier.

Learn more about epaPRO

Why choose epaPRO?

epaPRO is constantly evolving to meet the needs of ambitions training providers and EPAOs. Here’s the latest insight, updates and conversations around Skilltech’s platforms.


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Answering your questions


How do I sign up for epaPRO?

The easiest way to know what epaPRO could look like in your organisation is to book a demo. Simply leave a few details with us, and we will be in touch to learn a bit more about your ambitions and your challenges, and we will arrange a demo with a version of epaPRO that will help you solve them.

Is the platform mobile-friendly?

Absolutely. Skilltech can be effectively used on both desktop and on mobile.

Do apprentices have access to every bit of data when they use epaPRO/epaPRO Essentials?

No – they only have access to a versatile ‘Apprentice Dashboard’. This means that you can control what information they see as their AO/Provider as you deem relevant.

Better information, better outcomes.

It’s not just Skilltech’s software that gives you richer insights that will help your learners achieve more.

You can receive regular updates from Skilltech straight to your inbox with need-to-know information about the awarding and assessment technology that will make managing assessments a breeze.

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