How does epaPRO’s apprentice dashboard help apprentices pass their EPA?

To give apprentices the best of chance of passing their EPA, training providers need to give them clear guidance and direction, as well as access to vital support materials for their standard.

To give apprentices the best of chance of passing their EPA, training providers need to give them clear guidance and direction, as well as access to vital support materials for their standard. 

Apprentices who don’t understand what is expected of them during their journey are less confident and less likely to pass (or even complete) their EPA 

Training providers can empower them to succeed with the right support – but they can sometimes lack the time or tools to offer to the apprentices who need it the most. 

That’s exactly why providers and apprentices need the new and improved apprentice dashboard on epaPRO. We will explain how it helps both apprentices and their training providers in this blog. 

What is the apprentice dashboard on epaPRO? 

The apprentice dashboard is an enhancement of the existing apprentice portal on epaPRO, your streamlined EPA management system. 

In essence, training providers can provide apprentices with a complete hub for all the information they need to complete their EPA successfully. What they see is a similar, but ‘apprentice-focused’ view of the training provider’s own version of epaPRO. 

Here, apprentices (and training providers) can see their upcoming meetings with assessors, access up-to-date support materials for their course, and see exactly where they are on their apprenticeship journey – from registration to certification. 

Simply put, it helps keep apprentices and their training providers in lockstep throughout the course. 

What features do apprentices have access to? 

Training providers can configure a branded interface that gives apprentices access to tools that they need – and restrict access to fepunctions that you may want to keep control of (such as rescheduling meetings). 

Features such as to-dos and notifications, a calendar and a timeline give apprentices complete oversight of where they are in their journey, what they need to do to progress, and a clear schedule of events and meetings – which they can attend virtually through epaPRO’s Microsoft Teams integration. 

However, epaPRO also lets them access support materials for their course that are synced to the AO’s latest versions and upload their own evidence. These features empower apprentices to carry out independent learning, as well as streamline administration for them and their training providers. 

Lastly, a useful news section lets apprentices see up-to-date course info, announcements from training providers and AOs, and epaPRO information such as new software releases and features. 

How does it help apprentices and their training providers? 

With the apprentice dashboard, apprentices have a streamlined, go-to hub for their journey – so that they can be confident knowing what their next steps are. 

Training providers can see exactly what the apprentice sees, but their access to the full suite of epaPRO features gives them powerful functions to boost their apprentice’s engagement with the learning journey. They can: 

  • Have an overview of their apprentice’s journeys in a single place 
  • Get granular insights about their engagement with learning materials, coursework, grades and impending deadlines. 
  • Provide training materials, such as video tutorials and mock exams, and send feedback on their work. 
  • Communicate directly with all stakeholders - not just apprentices, but their assessors, employers and AOs, too. 

These features streamline admin, give training providers what they need to see their apprentice’s progress at a glance, and offer additional support to apprentices that need it the most. 

When will the apprentice dashboard go live? 

You can already give your apprentices access to the existing apprentice portal within epaPRO – either individually or in bulk. This will help them have more oversight of their apprentice journey. 

However, the new and enhanced apprentice dashboard will be live very soon – so, keep an eye on our LinkedIn. 

For apprentices, epaPRO empowers them to engage even more with their apprenticeship journey. For training providers, the platform provides tools and insights that let them provide support in a more targeted, efficient way. 

If you would like to see how epaPRO can help you support your apprentices and help them pass – all while reducing your admin burden – book a demo today. 

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