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Assess every ambition – directly within epaPRO

Award-winning risr/ assessment technology, built into your EPA management platform.

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What is epaPRO Assess?

Carry out your assessments confidently within epaPRO

epaPRO Assess is an apprenticeship management platform that takes the diverse tools you need to confidently manage assessment, and unites them all into one, streamlined hub. 

Backed by risr/’s best-in-class assessment technology, the epaPRO Assess integration means that not only can you manage EPA end-to-end – you can organise, run and review assessments within the platform itself.

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Manage every step of EPA

epaPRO Assess lets you streamline every aspect of apprenticeship management. With epaPRO Assess, you can confidently organise, carry out and review assessments within one central ecosystem.

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Diverse assessment types

epaPRO Assess is backed by versatile risr/ technology. This means it can deliver diverse types of high-stakes assessments – not just MCQs, but also professional discussions, simulations, presentations, and more.

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Trusted internationally

risr/ delivers assessment solutions for training providers, universities and institutions, such as the General Medical Council, King’s College London and the Australian National University.

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Face-to-face or Remote

epaPRO Assess allows for seamless assessment, whether face-to-face or remote, offering consistency, clarity and ease-of-use, no matter the distance between assessors and candidates.

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A full package

The integration is a full suite of examination tools, containing everything you need to manage and deliver exams and assessments; from creation, preparation and delivery to analysis, reporting and feedback.

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Branded, intuitive, accessible

Create experiences consistent with what your candidates expect from your brand, with a system that champions ease-of-use and accessibility features, for an optimal candidate experience.

Manage the journey through EPA with confidence

A centralised environment for assessment

epaPRO Assess provides a central hub for managing all aspects of apprenticeship assessments, delivering high-stakes assessments consistently, all while reducing the administrative burden on EPAOs and Training Providers - ultimately enhancing the quality of assessments.

  • Collaborative Development with Industry Experts

  • Comprehensive Management of All Assessment Stages

  • Enhanced Data Analysis and Reporting

Expert-led examination

epaPRO Assess is designed to be easy for you to manage, for candidates to use, and for assessors to invigilate with. It’spossible by combining risr/’s expertise in high-stakes assessment with epaPRO’s intuitive, central platform.

One central hub for everything EPA

As a central hub for EPA, the integration of assessment allows you to have unparalleled management and oversight of the EPA journey, unmatched by other software.

Robust data analysis and reporting

With epaPRO Assess, you can manage your apprentices’ next steps post-assessment even more clearly and efficiently: from granular insight that lets you offer support to apprentices in need, to appeals management that provides confidence and transparency in your decision-making.

What our customers say about epaPRO

The benefits [of epaPRO Assess] for apprentices are remarkable. It’s such a versatile platform for testing... The feedback from apprentices has been so positive in terms of how user-friendly, responsive and clear it is – all of which, at the end of the day, lets them focus on the exam.

We’ve had nothing but consistently good feedback from all of our external stakeholders, particularly on how easily they can interact with SIAS through epaPRO. epaPRO is built by people who specifically understand the opportunities and challenges in EPA, and it’s designed to serve the specific needs of EPAOs.

I'd recommend epaPRO to anybody that's taking an apprentice through their end-point assessment. It's really well laid-out, really clean, easy to use and the support is phenomenal from Skilltech"


When transitioning from framework to EPA, Construction EPA needed a single platform that could deliver robust assessment and EPA management.


Construction EPA decided on epaPRO, with the epaPRO Assess integration. It’s a reactive platform that automates many of their manual processes and helps them ensure compliance as they onboard and update standards.


Their first tests were a resounding success, allowing them to deliver diverse kinds of tests with reasonable adjustments, receiving particular praise from apprentices on usability, responsiveness and clarity.

Onboarding epaPRO Assess

Want to run assessments within your hub for EPA?

epaPRO is your end-to-end hub for EPA management, and with the epaPRO Assess integration, you benefit from powerful, intuitive tools – and support – to set up, run, and report on assessments.

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A lot rides on assessment – which is why a lot goes into Assess. From MCQs to Professional Discussions, here’s how you can assess every ambition with epaPRO Assess.


It starts with epaPRO

Whether you are an existing epaPRO user, or looking for an end-to-end EPA management solution with assessment capabilities, we work closely with you to understand what you want to assess, and where epaPRO Assess fits into your bespoke version of epaPRO.


Integrate it

Once the groundwork is laid, your integration and relevant data will be loaded into your version of epaPRO, fitting in with workflows that will enable you to communicate with candidates and assessors, review results, manage appeals, and much more.


Assess every (new) ambition

epaPRO is designed to scale with you – including features available to you on epaPRO Assess. So, whether it’s adding more assessment types, significantly expanding your apprentice intake, or completely redeveloping your EPA/training offer, rest assured that epaPRO will give you the tools to manage and assess every ambition.

epaPRO – The UK’s Leading EPA Software

epaPRO Essentials features

  • Unlimited Users
  • Checkmark Provider Contracts
  • Checkmark Custom News Articles
  • Checkmark Bulk processing for apprentice onboarding
  • Checkmark Forecasting
  • Checkmark Built in forms with option to export to/ import from PDF
  • Checkmark Fully configurable Gateway Management
  • 24/7 online access 24/7 online access
  • Checkmark EPA suggestions based on availability, distance & Conflict of Interest
  • Checkmark Powerful Assessment profile with progress indicators
  • Checkmark Fully customisable Assessments. Supporting overlapping Standard versions
  • Checkmark Automatic Moderation management
  • Checkmark Post QA result adjustments
  • Checkmark Appeals Management
  • Checkmark Back into Learning Management
  • Checkmark Record of Achievement
  • Checkmark Support Material Management
  • Checkmark Extensive Reporting suite & Dashboard

Answering your questions

How does epaPRO Assess enhance the standardisation of assessments?

epaPRO Assess fosters standardisation through its integrated tools, ensuring assessments adhere to set standards and guidelines. This guarantees that assessments are consistent and maintain the highest level of validity.

Can epaPRO Assess be integrated with our existing systems?

Yes, epaPRO Assess is designed to be adaptable as part of epaPRO. It can be seamlessly integrated with your current systems, ensuring a smooth transition and efficient data flow without disruption.

What kind of support and training is provided for users of epaPRO Assess?

Skilltech Solutions offers a full onboarding and training package where we train AOs, Training Providers, and Assessors. Onboarding is fully bespoke to our customer's needs. Our support and customer success teams are always available to assist you with any queries or issues, ensuring that you can use epaPRO Assess to its fullest potential and navigate through the platform with ease and confidence.

How does epaPRO Assess improve efficiency in apprenticeship assessments?

epaPRO Assess streamlines the entire assessment process, removing administrative burdens. By providing a centralised platform for assessors, administrators, and apprentices, it minimises manual tasks, reduces stress, and allows for efficient, cost-effective, and time-saving assessments.

Is epaPRO Assess suitable for different types of apprenticeship assessments?

Yes, epaPRO Assess is designed to be versatile and is adaptable to various types of apprenticeship assessments. Its features and tools can be customised to meet the specific requirements of different assessment models, ensuring flexibility in use.

End-to-end management and assessment - now in one hub for everything EPA

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