Introducing epaPRO Asssess: Your one-stop-shop for End-Point Assessments

What do you get when you combine the software of two industry leaders in the edtech market? You get an all-in-one platform for all your end-point assessment needs.

What do you get when you combine the software of two industry leaders in the edtech market? You get an all-in-one platform for all your end-point assessment needs.

We are thrilled to announce our new integration, epaPRO Assess. Built in collaboration with global assessment and learning software company risr/, this new one-stop-shop for EPAOs and apprentices offers a single platform for tracking, managing and streamlining the entire apprenticeship journey.

Now, between risr/’s renowned technology used by some of the world’s most foremost medical awarding bodies, and our flagship epaPRO software, we’re set to transform the EPA experience for apprentices, learners, administrators and assessors, everywhere.

So, what is epaPRO Assess? 

What is epaPRO Assess, and how does it work?

For many assessors, moving between platforms while trying to manage the apprenticeship journey is one of the major challenges that prevents seamless and streamlined processes. This often leads to poor communication between AOs and apprentices, unnecessary additional stress for learners, and a lack of visibility into apprentice progress – all of which can impact an apprentice’s final results.

epaPRO Assess combines the best of risr/ Assess with our reputable epaPRO software, making it the only platform of its kind on the market. The integration offers a single, universal hub where assessors and apprentices alike can manage every stage of their learning journey – from registration to assessment standardisation, progress tracking and continuous feedback.

It’s a comprehensive solution that helps to streamline bookings, provide in-depth analytical reports on progress, and automatically feed results back into your epaPRO software for total visibility.

What makes epaPRO Assess unique? 

One of the key features of epaPRO Assess is that it doesn’t only cater to end-point assessments. From MCQ testing to professional discussions, interviews and observations – the platform helps assessors manage, book and streamline assessments across multiple formats, providing a single point of contact for every assessment type needed throughout the EPA.

For apprentices, this means a consistent, accessible platform that helps them to take control of their learning journey, have visibility into their progress, and receive feedback quickly and easily from their assessors, ultimately helping them to achieve the best possible outcomes.

For AOs, it means reduced admin time, and an easier management process with all their assessment needs hosted in a single platform.

What are people saying about epaPRO Assess? 

Having showcased this new integration recently at the FAB Conference 2023, the collaboration has already sparked considerable excitement in the apprenticeships and learning sector. epaPRO revolutionised EPA delivery for many – but epaPRO Assess takes this transformation a step further with risr/’s industry-leading expertise and assessment software.

The solution is also already industry-proven. Awarding body Construction EPA have already adopted the integration, helping to improve accessibility, usability, and allowing apprentices to focus on getting the best possible results.

Jasmin Lewis, Head of End-Point Assessment at Construction EPA, has said: “The feedback from apprentices has been so positive in terms of how user-friendly, responsive and clear it is – all of which, at the end of the day, lets them focus on the exam. The more tools you can give them to reduce nerves, the better.”

However, Jasmin isn’t the only one excited about this collaboration. Our own team at Skilltech are aware of what this integration could mean for the future of EPA delivery and management:

“We are incredibly excited to have found risr/ and look forward to working with them to bring a solution that we believe will transform the end-point assessment landscape.” - Ian Jarvis, Managing Director of Skilltech Solutions

“As we now go into the New Year, we’re really excited to see how this partnership with risr/ starts to reshape the EPA delivery process. Apprentices will have better control and visibility of their own journeys, and AOs will be able to reduce admin burden and focus on the things that really matter.” – Libby Timms, Customer Success Project Manager at Skilltech Solutions

See epaPRO Assess for yourself 

Ready to see the power of this new integration? Get in touch with a member of our team to arrange a demo and see how the platform can transform the apprentice experience at your organisation.  

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