Too many platforms? Avoiding assessment app overwhelm

First, it was spreadsheets, now it's platforms. EPAOs need a single platform, and this blog explores the pitfalls of having too many systems versus the streamlined nature of epaPRO.

Information that’s all over the place, massive spreadsheets that need manual handling, and more apps than you know what to do with… The cause is clear: you’re suffering from Assessment App Overwhelm.

Thanks to the EPAO boom, there are a multitude of solutions that can assist EPA managers to streamline their processes, from onboarding and certification to managing resits.

But, there is one problem: they don't all fit together for an in-sync working experience. 

There are many pitfalls to overloading on efficiency platforms, and at Skilltech, we’ve examined the ways in which you can inadvertently put blocks in the educational journey.  

Where is your information? 

The first question to ask yourself is ‘do you know where your information is?’ For some, this may have a simple answer: it’s in a shared document that you all use. But, one day, someone can’t access it, or the sheet doesn’t update, and then, before you know it, you have multiple copies of the same document with different, conflicting information.

Working this way means that you will always be playing catch-up. You’ll be searching through files and sending emails to find it when you could have had it all in one easily accessible place.

epaPRO is built with this in mind. A central file upload area means that documents are always centrally available to apprentices and assessors, whenever they are needed. Uploads can be tagged to show where they are being used, and who by – while keeping one central version visible to everyone who needs it. 

When multiple apprentices have been onboarded, you can upload all files related to them and their standards without running the risk of losing information or accidentally allowing mistakes to be shared with the wrong people.

Re-uploading information 

If an apprentice fails their assessment, epaPRO allows you to reschedule it and, importantly, lets you keep any relevant uploaded information in an easily-accessible place, meaning that any resits can be easily managed.

Keeping all this information in one place not only makes it much easier to keep track of, but it also reduces the number of lost documents or previous assessments, which takes the stress out of an already stressful situation for the apprentice.

It also makes for a more streamlined process, taking away the need for the apprentice to find and re-upload work (which often results in the wrong versions being uploaded or work being lost). epaPRO provides easy access and visibility over past work, enabling an apprentice to see what is needed to successfully retake an assessment.

Track down standards

Searching for standards doesn’t need to be difficult. Rather than rely on catalogues, spreadsheets with (possibly) outdated information, or separate platforms that have different ways of working, you can track down all of your standards in one place with epaPRO.

Streamlined working is integral to the way that epaPRO works. It’s designed to make your life easier.

Repeated errors

In assessment plans, it’s easy to find or make mistakes. With such a large document, or with numerous EPA management systems to share information between, things can get lost or accidentally deleted.

Copy-and-paste errors make up the majority of these mistakes. They may seem minor, but as documents are shared from person to person, they can become ingrained to the point where the original, correct source is lost.

epaPRO negates this, as it is built to house all information in one place. Everyone can have access and any updates can be checked before being published. 

A single, easy-to-use platform is the key to effective EPA management, and epaPRO has the tools you need to achieve it. We work with countless organisations across the UK who have found that epaPRO has transformed how they work.

Interested? Book a demo by emailing to discover its full potential. It might just be the solution your organisation needs.

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