What Is An EdTech Company?

What Is An EdTech Company?

With its active interfaces, integrated connectivity, and engagement-boosting techniques, EdTech is one of the most vibrant educational innovations of recent years. Edtech allows a learner-centred approach to apprenticeship assessments that accommodates a variety of assessment points and gives assessors extensive scope for personalisation.

EdTech companies, such as Skilltech Solutions, design software platforms and tools that help assessors, trainers, employers, and learners collaborate successfully to deliver personalised skills-based training courses for the modern world, taking full advantage of cloud-based connectivity.

Saying Goodbye To One-Size-Fits-All Education

All teachers know that learning experiences need to be individual yet inclusive, structured yet flexible, and – above all – personalised. The ideal strategy is immersive, encouraging the student on a journey of learning that captivates, guides, and responds to individual needs. This level of personalisation is traditionally only achieved in a one-to-one setting. However, by harnessing the potential of app-based design, EdTech courses overcome this traditional barrier and consign one-size-fits-all learning to the annals of history.

No More Iron Triangle

Known as the Iron Triangle, scale, cost, and quality are firm boundaries for traditional educational provision, and are a formidable barrier to truly individualised learning. Through creative software design, EdTech can offer fully scalable, cost-effective, and high-quality solutions powered by AI.

A Collaborative Approach

Within EdTech applications, collaboration is encouraged at every level of the training and assessment process, enabling stakeholders to pool resources, share information, and engage in reflective development. It also happens on a global scale, where “trends and successes in one region have been shown to open up gaps and opportunities in others.” As such, dynamic discoveries in one educational system – such as New Zealand’s bold Te Whāriki Early Years experiment – can feed back into development around the world.

24/7 Access To Learning

EdTech embraces the notion of continual and progressive learning and runs with it, enabling providers and students to engage in a practical and work-based curriculum tailored to the needs of each industry.

Next Steps

EdTech has wide applicability in the future of education, and especially in efficiently managing a wide range of apprenticeship standards. To learn more about EPAPro, our ground-breaking EdTech solution for End Point Assessment Organisations, please get in touch today.