Why Inexpensive EPA Software May Not Be The Right Option For Your Business

Managing End-Point Assessments can be a complex and time-consuming process. At Skilltech Solutions, our epaPro software is designed to meet your needs.

Managing End-Point Assessments can be a complex and time-consuming process, especially if you are responsible for a high volume of apprentices. Investing in inexpensive EPA software, and then discovering you must complete some tasks manually due to deficiencies in the software, is frustrating and will do little to simplify the assessment process.


In What Areas Does Cheaper EPA Software Commonly Fall Short?

❖ Insufficient storage can make it impossible to manage a large number of apprentices.
❖ Substandard security can render your data vulnerable to hackers and spammers.
❖ Missing integrations with Outlook and Google mean important diary dates will have to be manually added, increasing the risk that they will be overlooked.
❖ An absence of activity notifications or reminders can mean vital tasks are missed, leading to disruption in the assessment process.

Investing in a more comprehensive EPA software solution may incur a higher initial cost; however, the long-term benefits will achieve greater cost savings by streamlining the assessment process, improves the management of apprentices, and reduces the time spent on routine manual tasks.

EpaPro: The All-Round Software Solution For EPAOs

At Skilltech Solutions, our premium epaPro software is designed to do exactly what you need, streamlining the assessment process on a single platform and delivering more efficient management of a high volume of apprentices.

With a wealth of features, epaPro utilises state-of-the-art technology and an intuitive design to deliver powerful results quickly and easily.

⮚ Planning and assessment booking
⮚ Fully customisable comms management
⮚ Report scheduling and distribution
⮚ Microsoft and Google Maps integrations
⮚ Robust security with constant monitoring to ensure data is protected

Contact Skilltech Solutions For A Free Product Demonstration

At Skilltech Solutions, we offer a free, no-obligation demonstration of our industry-leading software, epaPro. To find out more, or to arrange your demo, please contact us today.

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