Why Investing in EPA Planning Software Will Make Your Life Easier

As an online resource management tool, epaPro is designed to meet the unique challenges of EPAOs as they adapt to changing times.

End-Point Assessment (EPA) presents many challenges for End-Point Assessment Organisations (EPAOs), who need to demonstrate accuracy and impartiality in the Apprenticeship Assessment process. The move to remote EPAs, which was driven by enforced lockdowns during the global pandemic, has added another layer of complexity to End-Point Assessment, so organisations who have invested in EPA software are well-placed to deliver high-quality and reliable assessments on time.


Must-Have Features Of EPA Pro That Will Transform Your EPA Planning

As an online resource management tool, epaPro is designed to meet the unique challenges of EPAOs as they adapt to changing times. By assimilating all elements of the End-Point Assessment journey on a single convenient platform, epaPro enables EPAOs to streamline the entire process from registration to certification.

Resource Management And Planning Tools

Flexibility in End-Point Assessment planning is essential so, with EPA Pro, you can create bespoke assessment plans that are mapped to specific apprenticeship standards. Each EPA assessment can be planned and managed across all available sectors, with feedback and updates to stakeholders provided automatically.

Integrated Assessment Tools

epaPro provides an entire suite of assessment, planning, and reporting tools, all conveniently hosted on a single platform for optimum functionality and usability. These include online meetings and video conferencing, progress tracking, and automated resource allocation. Whether a client’s assessments need to be planned individually or in bulk, you can meet their needs on the platform, and make direct changes as required quickly and simply.

In-Build Custom Forms

Uploading multiple documents is time-consuming and distracts staff from more important responsibilities. In epaPro, all documents and resources required for the EPA process are stored, including custom gateway assessment forms, assessment planning templates, and apprentice registration forms. With all relevant documentation available at the click of a button, you can significantly reduce the amount of time spent creating and uploading multiple documents.

Seamless Integration

Instead of having to manage third-party apps separately from the platform, epaPro integrates with multiple tools, including:

▪ Zoom
▪ Microsoft Teams
▪ Google Maps
▪ BTL Surpass
▪ Email and accounting systems

This significantly simplifies the process of managing your EPAs, improving efficiency and productivity at all levels.

Contact Us To Find Out More

If you would like to discuss your organisation’s needs and how you could simplify your EPA planning, please get in touch to arrange a free, no-obligation demonstration of our leading software solution, EPA Pro.

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