EPAPro Essentials

epapro essentials

EPAPro Essentials is revolutionising the End-point Assessment process using cutting-edge technology and intuitive design to enable End-point Assessment Organisations to manage their business efficiently and provide their customers with a simple, intuitive and engaging interface.


All you need…

EPAPro Essentials tracks the entire End-point Assessment process from registration to ESFA notification and certification.

  • Developed in collaboration with leading awarding organisations, specialist and high-volume providers to ensure that it meets real world requirements
  • User specific dashboards highlight calls to action and provide business critical information
  • 24/7 access from almost any device
  • Intuitive interface requires almost no training
  • Powerful configurable reporting tool
  • Our document management system allows you to provide a wealth of support materials including, links, documents, SCORM training content and practice tests

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