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Skilltech Update: here’s how to get started with our streamlined new website

Whether you are a seasoned epaPRO user, or you have just heard about Skilltech for the first time, we guarantee you will have one thing in common – you understand the value of a streamlined EPA management experience.



Whether you are a seasoned epaPRO user, or you have just heard about Skilltech for the first time, we guarantee you will have one thing in common – you understand the value of a streamlined EPA management experience. 

That’s what epaPRO and epaPRO Essentials were designed to provide. When EPA is simpler, resources are centralised and every stakeholder in the apprentice journey on the same page, everyone benefits. 

That same philosophy has been behind our recent branding and website overhaul. You may have seen it in epaPRO already… but if you need help navigating our newer, sleeker site, here’s four things you can do right now to familiarise yourself with its most helpful features. 

1. Quickly access your Jira service portal and helpdesk

With epaPRO, you don’t just have access to a game-changing platform familiar to assessors, regulators and, increasingly, many apprentices along the journey through EPA.  

You also get access to our dedicated and expert support team. 

Make no mistake: managing EPA with epaPRO is intuitive, simple and streamlined. However, as we onboard new features, and your success sees you scale to welcome new apprentices and grow your offer, you will quickly find our human touch can help you make the most of our technically advanced platform. 

Our regular training sessions and webinars for users are a great short-cut for that, but when you need support or self-service in the moment, Jira lets you access a wide knowledge base, training materials, and – most importantly – our responsive support team. 

Now, it’s at the top of our website – so help is never more than a few clicks away. 

2. Bookmark your hub for apprenticeship news, insights and events

You may already know that your news portal within epaPRO delivers a curated hub of news that matters to you: from developments that impact delivery in the here and now, to changes in standards, apprenticeships and product updates that can help you react with strategic impact. 

However, epaPRO power users also have our blog page bookmarked. Why? 

Our blog is your one-stop-shop for: 

  • Our insights on the latest developments in apprenticeships 
  • Information about who and what are making waves in the industry 
  • Sector-specific ‘spotlights’ (such as Motoring and Hospitality) 
  • Case studies from customers just like you – who might have some inspiration for new ways you can use epaPRO 

Last of all, our dedicated events page lets you keep up to date with our busy events schedule. We have an incredibly exciting programme of in-person events beyond June, and you will want to watch this space to hear about it. 

Bookmark it to stay on top of the apprenticeship developments that matter. 

3. Familiarise yourself with epaPRO Assess 

You might have heard of epaPRO Assess by now, but our new website welcomes it into the fold with its own dedicated space. 

If you need a reminder, epaPRO assess integrates end-to-end assessment and reporting tools, powered by award-winning risr/ assessment technology, directly into epaPRO. 

It will give you the power to run assessments as diverse as MCQs and Professional Discussions, give assessors the tools they need to work and stay organised, and use epaPRO’s powerful reporting features to drive continuous improvement and growth. 

It is designed to evolve your one-stop hub for EPA management into the most comprehensive, streamlined solution for EPA delivery and assessment on the market. 

Why not take a look at this case study to see how it has transformed Construction EPA’s assessment delivery? 

4. Sign up to our newsletter 

Last of all, if you want all of our latest info (product updates, events and insights from our team) directly to your inbox, all you have to do is sign up to our newsletter 

You can do that by scrolling to the bottom of our Contact Us page. While you are there, if you have any questions or thoughts about our website, why not let us know? 

We are in the business of continuous improvement, and we would love to hear what we can do to improve your experience even further. 

That is everything you need to know about our new website. It’s sleeker, smarter and full of relevant information that will empower you to make better decisions that help your apprentices and reduce your admin burden. 

If you are already an epaPRO user, it will help you get the most out of epaPRO. If you are considering epaPRO, then you can read up on what it has done for leading EPAOs and Training Providers in the industry. 

We can tell you how it can transform EPA management, but if you are ready for it to transform your business, it’s much better to see it for yourself. Book a short demo to see exactly what it can do for your organisation. 

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