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Devised by a team of industry professionals and tailored by years of experience in the education-technology field, Skilltech Solutions is the answer to intuitive, innovative End-Point Assessment (EPA) software. Part of the Lifetime training group, Skilltech creates cutting-edge technology that goes far beyond the basics.

EPAPro sets the industry standard as an End-Point Assessment management tool developed specifically for purpose. Streamlining the EPA process, reducing time constraints and providing innovative visibility and control, EPAPro is like nothing else in the industry today.

Our online solution offers the foundation for organisations within the apprenticeship sector to review progress, share information and deliver clear reporting – all in one platform.

Developed in partnership with some of the country’s best EPA organisations and apprenticeship training providers, EPAPro is a tool that goes above and beyond. We’re the new standard, and our solution is as functional as it gets.

Why Choose Skilltech Solutions?


EPAPro and all Skilltech Solutions products are created in partnership with established, highly-regarded organisations in the training and awarding sectors.

Constant Evolution

Our agile methodology and innovative development approach means we’re flexible to changes and able to make our products better based on industry feedback and requirements.

Skilled Experts

With over 15 years of experience in the EdTech and education fields, Skilltech Solutions is uniquely qualified to offer the best software possible for the industry.

Intuitive Design

We believe in quality and simplicity in equal measure, making Skilltech Solution’s software as accessible, practical and functional as possible for all.

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