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What does customer success look like at Skilltech?

Why do EPAOs use epaPRO? It's not just because the platform is seamless and intuitive: our customer support is our added value. Read on to see why.

If you are responsible for end-point assessment delivery at your end-point assessment organisation, you may be at the stage where you are searching for a new EPA management platform.

Whatever the reason – a contract renewal, or because Ofqual have requested it - hundreds of EPAOs just like you (including many of the largest awarding organisations in the country) have chosen epaPRO.

That isn’t just because it’s simple and powerful to use – but because of the added value of our dedicated support team to provide bespoke support for a platform built for their needs.

Read on to learn just what your EPAO delivery team can expect when switching to epaPRO.


  1. Webinars and 1:1 Training Sessions

What are these?

  • Skilltech hosts regularly-scheduled webinars and at-request 1:1 training sessions to help EPAOs start using epaPRO… and continuously improve their skills.

Why do they matter?

Your needs and ambitions are unique to your EPAO.

For example, success at your EPAO may be offering more standards to more apprentices, but at another, it may be solving a communication problem between their EPAO and their training provider partners.

That’s why onboarding and ongoing support are provided in bespoke platform training sessions that help you use the platform in the best way to achieve your specific goals.

So, whether you want to integrate new tools like Meazure, Aptem or Surpass, or facilitate more virtual meetings to work with more distant training providers, we regularly organise onboarding and continuous improvement training for EPAOs that are constantly looking to use epaPRO to evolve their offer.

Did you know…?

In just six months, we have hosted 751 one-to-one training sessions with EPAOs to help them use epaPRO better.


  1. Release Demos/User Group Demos

What are these?

  • epaPRO is updated with new functionalities every four weeks.
  • Release demos ensure that every user of epaPRO can learn about these features.
  • Meanwhile, user group demos give EPAOs a say in how we develop epaPRO.

Why do they matter?

Just as your EPAO is never static, neither is epaPRO.

In fact, evolutionary development of features ensures that the platform always keeps up with the ever-changing apprenticeship landscape – which EPAOs know better than anyone else.

That’s why EPAO-led user and release-demo groups influence the features you will find in epaPRO.

From them, you can expect features like appeals management that make your compliance team’s work easier, and quality-of-life functionalities like quick links to your most-used tools that simply save your team time.

Did you know…?

In a six-month period, we have held 8 release demos and 2 quarterly user group demos which have already influenced our development roadmap.

Why not learn more about how EPAOs influence epaPRO’s development from our Head Developer, Chris?


  1. Customer Visits

What are these?

  • One-to-one, human contact is vital to help EPAO delivery teams get the most out of the platform. That’s why we regularly visit customers for in-person training sessions.

Why do they matter?

epaPRO is an intuitive platform, and many questions can be resolved with a quick call.

However, we understand that there are times when it is more reassuring to have a human by your side to show you the ropes.

From consultations about your processes to training related to specific updates, we put great value in face-to-face contact – which is why we make a commitment to visiting our EPAO partners at their request, no matter what stage of the epaPRO journey they are at.

Did you know…?

In just six months, we have made 11 face-to-face customer visits… with many more on the way.


  1. Events

What are these?

  • Skilltech regularly attends industry events to support existing EPAO partners and to stay on top of industry developments.

Why do they matter?

Skilltech is as invested as you are in making the apprenticeship system the strongest that it can be. Many of us come from an apprenticeship background, and we believe in the transformative power of apprenticeships.

That’s one reason we attend (and sponsor) the largest apprenticeship industry events: but it’s also because that’s where you are, too.

Events provide a chance for us to talk with our EPAO partners face-to-face and learn from industry influencers about the changes that will have an impact on the way EPA is delivered.

All of this knowledge, fundamentally, helps us to develop epaPRO more reactively than other platforms – all of which help you stay compliant and work quickly and effectively.

Did you know…?

In a six-month period, we have attended four of the industry’s major events: AAC, Apprenticeships for England, the Construction Apprenticeship Awards and FAB.

Keep an eye on our events page to see where we will be next!


What’s the added value of using epaPRO to manage EPA?

epaPRO is built by people who have been in your position, who understand your challenges, and who have the same ambitions for exceptional EPA delivery as you do.

Whether managing a change management project at a national awarding organisation or using a digital EPA management tool for the first time, we are always on hand to offer tailored, personal and human support that helps you make your adoption of epaPRO seamless.

If you are ready to save time and speed up your EPA delivery – and improve your apprentice’s outcomes – book a demo today to see how it can transform your EPAO.

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