Everything You Need to Know About epaPRO Essentials

At each stage of the End-Point Assessment process, epaPRO Essentials meets the needs of EPAOs. Read on to find out more.

Choosing the right EPA software for your End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) can make a significant difference in how efficiently the End-Point Assessment process is delivered. epaPRO Essentials utilises state-of-the-art technology and an intuitive design to help EPAOs manage the EPA Process more effectively, achieve much-needed cost-saving efficiencies, and improve customer engagement with an easy-to-use interface.

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A Complete Out-Of-The-Box EPA Solution

Developed with the expert technical support of leading awarding organisations, industry specialists, and high-volume providers, epaPRO Essentials meets the needs of EPAOs by complying with real-world requirements at every stage of the End-Point Assessment process.

From initial registration to final certification, epaPRO Essentials leaves no stone unturned, so you can have complete confidence that our out-of-the-box solution will provide the process support you need at every stage of the EPA journey.

Instant 24/7 Access

epaPRO Essentials is built with maximum flexibility, so individual users can benefit from unlimited access to their business-critical data at any time of day. Key information, which is highlighted on user-specific dashboards to maximise accessibility and usability, is available from any compatible device at any time.

Must-Have Tools That Are Ready To Launch

Investing in End-Point Assessment software that requires extensive training can delay its useability and reduce the immediate benefits for the organisation. epaPRO Essentials is ready-to-go, requiring almost no training, with all key tools and features easily mastered by even the most inexperienced assessor.

epaPRO Essential’s wealth of tools and support materials includes:

  • Powerful configurable reporting.
  • Document Management System.
  • Links
  • Documents
  • SCORM training.
  • Practice tests.

Contact Us To Find Out More

The best way to find out what epaPRO Essentials can do for your EPAO is to arrange a free, no-obligation demonstration. Please contact us today, and one of our friendly team will be pleased to help you.

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