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What Are The Key Features Of EPAPro?

The EPA platform has been developed in consultation with some of the UK’s most prominent apprenticeship providers and employers, with an array of indispensable features.

Accurate assessment of candidate performances during apprenticeship training is essential to provide a robust and trustworthy overview of their emerging skills and to infuse your organisation’s programmes with confidence. But the roadmap needs to be as streamlined and uncomplicated as possible to reduce the time spent on admin tasks and optimise the workflow of key staff.

EPAPro is designed specifically to support organisations in End-Point Assessment. The platform has been developed in consultation with some of the UK’s most prominent apprenticeship providers and employers, with an array of indispensable features.


A Single Platform For The Sharing Of Data


When you’re working with external agencies and partners, visibility is key. EPAPro harnesses a powerful edtech portal for the sharing of core data and information with partners and clients to manage the assessment process seamlessly from start to end. With a single source of information, all stakeholders are always fully informed, with easy access to the data they need whenever and wherever required.


Workforce Management Tools That Maximise Efficiency


With EPAPro, you can create bespoke assessment maps that are directly linked to specific apprenticeship standards. Apprenticeships across different standards and sectors can be efficiently managed, underpinned by clear planning schedules and automatic feedback to maintain visibility at all stages of the journey.


Customisable Features That Meet Your Business Processes


Assessment organisations operate in different ways, so EPAPro provides users with a range of customisable features to meet their unique needs. Integrated assessment tools and planning and reporting features enable assessments to be planned individually or in bulk, with modifications easily changeable via the platform.


Full Integration With Business Tools


EPAPro connects with many business tools, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Maps, and email servers. The API also integrates with BTL Surpass, a leading online assessment platform, while the certification process is simplified with a connection to the ESFA. What’s more, the EPAPro API can also connect with accounting software or learning management systems, enabling it to embed quickly in your organisation’s practice.


Powerful Configurable Reporting Suite


EPAPro’s reporting features include integrated online meetings and videoconferencing, progress tracking, and automated resource allocation. The platform meets the compliance and reporting requirements of the EQA and GDPR.


Contact Skilltech Solutions For a Free Software Demonstration


To find out more about the benefits of EPAPro, why not arrange a free demonstration of our industry leading software? Simply get in touch with Skilltech Solutions today to learn how EPAPro could transform your organisation’s apprenticeship End-Point Assessment process.

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