Remote Invigilation Coming Soon!

Skilltech Solutions have launched our very own Remote Invigilation service this February 202, fully integrated into EPAPro and is provided by ProctorU.

As exam season approaches, education institutions are considering what invigilation facilities are available to them and which will best suit the current conditions. You might be curious as to what options would work best for you or curious about what remote invigilation could mean for examinations.

Skilltech Solutions have launched our very own Remote Invigilation service this February 2022. This is fully integrated into EPAPro and is provided by ProctorU. This blog will cover what remote invigilation is, why it is being considered nationwide, and why you should consider outsourcing instead of in-house.

What Is Remote Invigilation?

For those students who need to take their examinations at home, at work, or elsewhere away from the main student body in the typical exam hall, remote invigilators are necessary. This process involves registering an online invigilator with the student to verify their identity, secure the examination environment, and give access to the examination.

A webcam feature is used to monitor the student and ensure that no student is guilty of cheating.

Why Are Education Institutions Turning To Remote Invigilation?

While not necessarily new, remote invigilation has been popularised and widespread in the last two years due to nationwide lockdown. This is all a result of COVID-19 allowances that have been made to incorporate remote assessments, some of which must be invigilated by a third party.

Why Should You Consider Outsourcing Remote Invigilation?

Often, education institutions will use their own staff to invigilate but this can prove expensive, time-consuming, and inefficient. By outsourcing to a company like ProctorU. We’ve built an integration with their platform into EPAPro so our users can simply click a slider to automatically book availability at the date they need.

The proctor sends a report afterwards which comes back into EPAPro so it can then be followed up by our customers. It makes sure no one is cheating when doing this remotely.

Skilltech Solutions is a team of industry professionals that has been tailored by years of experience in education-technology. We are the answer to providing intuitive, innovative, and cutting-edge End-Point Assessments (EPA) for apprenticeships and technology that stands out from the crowd.

We are proud to set the industry standard as an EPA management tool developed specifically for apprenticeships. Our industry progress keeps us one of the leading companies in the field and we constantly review our services to ensure development and innovation.

For more information about upcoming remote invigilation services, get in touch with Skilltech Solutions today.


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