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Why Partner With Skilltech Solutions As Your End-Point Solution Provider?

When you’re investing in a new End-Point Assessment solution, it’s essential that you have confidence in the supplier.

When you’re investing in a new End-Point Assessment solution, it’s vital that you have confidence in the supplier. At Skilltech Solutions, we’re the UK’s leading edtech portal provider for End-Point Assessments (EPAs).

Our EPAPro software meets the needs of organisations delivering apprenticeship EPAs and offers a raft of customisable tools to meet their needs across different apprenticeship standards and sectors. But what helps us to stand out from alternative EPA software providers?

1) Unrivalled Depth Of Experience

By investing in EPAPro, you’re choosing an EPA software solution that’s been developed by experts in the field. EPAPro was created from collaboration between education professionals, training providers, EPA organisations, and employers to deliver a product that meets the needs of the sector.

2) Outstanding Support

At Skilltech Solutions, we recognise the importance of providing outstanding support. From initial implementation to aftersales care and ongoing technical advice, we will never be far away, whatever query or problem you have.

3) A Fully Compliant and Customisable Solution

For quality assurance and confidence in the product, it is vital that an edtech platform complies with relevant regulations. EPAPro supports compliance with EQA and GDPR rules, without neglecting the customisable aspects of the platform. With an intuitive and flexible interface, EPAPro is designed to meet the unique needs of every organisation and is usable on any device.

4) Constantly Evolving To Meet Your Business Challenges

A static product that doesn’t allow for the growth of your organisation or the changing face of apprenticeship assessments is unlikely to offer the flexibility you need long-term. At Skilltech Solutions, we’re committed to staying at the forefront of product development by implementing the latest technologies, so that our EPAPro software meets the needs of organisations like yours as they evolve and grow over time.

Looking For a Reliable, Experienced EPA Software Partner? Contact Skilltech Solutions Today!

If you’re seeking a partner who can deliver high-quality and reliable EPA software backed by outstanding development and ongoing customer care, get in touch with Skilltech Solutions today.

With links to industry experts, businesses, and training organisations, we’re confident that EPAPro will meet your assessment needs, promoting streamlined efficiency and visibility during the apprenticeship End-Point Assessment process.

We offer a free demonstration so you can see for yourself the benefits of EPAPro, so to arrange yours, simply click here.

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