Why EPA Pro Is The Most Innovative Solution For EPAOs To Efficiently Manage The Process

PA Pro is our all-in-one software solution for end-point assessment management, submissions, and certification.

EPA Pro is our all-in-one software solution for end-point assessment management, submissions, and certification. With an easy-to-use interface, low learning curve, and a wide range of customisable features, we believe EPA Pro provides the best value for money – and is the most innovative solution – out of all the similar end-point assessment software products on the market. In this article, we introduced the key features that enable end-point assessment organisations (EPAOs) to efficiently manage the apprenticeship process, from evidence gathering, to gateway review, to successful completion.

EPA Pro Key Features And Benefits

1) Powerful resource management & planning tools – EPA Pro lets you create bespoke assessment plans, mapped to specific Apprenticeship Standards. Manage a range of apprenticeships across all available sectors and standards, with clear planning schedules for each EPA, and automatic feedback and updates issued to stakeholders.

2) Integrated assessment tools – EPA Pro comes with a range of assessment, planning, and reporting features, including integrated videoconferencing and online meetings,  progress tracking and automated resource allocation. Assessments can be planned individually or in bulk, to fit in with your client’s preferences or circumstances, and changes can easily be made directly through the platform. The platform also lets you set up automatic moderation plans based on custom rules, for increased transparency and efficiency.

3) Built in custom forms reduce the need for multiple document uploads – All documents and resources necessary to complete your EPA process are stored within EPA Pro. This includes customisable gateway assessment forms, learner registration forms, assessment planning templates, and any other relevant documentation.

4) Seamless collaboration with employers, training providers, and apprentices – EPA Pro allows different levels of customisable access, so that stakeholders can login and view the progress of their EPA in real-time, access updates, upload resources, complete online tests and assessments, and share information without leaving the platform. EPA Pro is designed to work quickly and efficiently on any device, including phones, tablets, and laptops.

5) EPA Pro connects with multiple business toolssuch as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Maps, surveys, email servers, and other third-party online tools to maximise the power of your EPA journey. EPA Pro offers seamless integration with BTL Surpass, the world’s leading online assessment platform. EPA Pro also connects directly to the ESFA to simplify your certification process. The API also allows you to connect EPA Pro to your learning management systems, accounting systems, or other relevant programs.

Why Choose Skilltech Solutions?

Part of the Lifetime Training Group, Skilltech Solutions is one of the UK’s leading Edtech software developers for EPAs. EPA Pro was developed in close collaboration with end-point assessment organisations,  apprenticeship training providers, employers, and other education sector professionals, and our development team bring years of experience in the edtech sector to our product. What makes EPA Pro unique is the way that it has been developed to precisely match the challenges and needs of apprenticeship end-point assessment organisations as they change and evolve.

  • Intuitive, flexible and powerful interface – usable on any device
  • Developed in close collaboration with leading EPAOs
  • Responsive product development and updates to meet the demands of a changing assessment environment
  • Supports full EQA and GDPR data protection compliance and reporting
  • Industry-leading software implementation support, aftersales care, and ongoing technical support

What Next?

For a proof of concept and to discover the benefits of EPA Pro for yourself, please get in touch today to arrange a free software demonstration.

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