What Is An EdTech Company?

With its active interfaces, integrated connectivity, and engagement-boosting techniques, EdTech is one of the most vibrant educational innovations of recent years. Edtech allows a learner-centred approach to apprenticeship assessments that accommodates a variety of assessment points and gives assessors extensive scope for personalisation.

Showcasing a Portfolio of Evidence Through EPA

Apprenticeship portfolios of evidence play a crucial role in end-point assessments (EPAs), enabling apprentices to systematically accumulate examples of their work, thereby demonstrating they have met the required standards. Portfolios are also important for training providers, who can prove through moderation that their EPA systems are robust and withstand scrutiny. With portfolios of evidence, both […]

What Are The Key Features Of EPAPro?

Accurate assessment of candidate performances during apprenticeship training is essential to provide a robust and trustworthy overview of their emerging skills and to infuse your organisation’s programmes with confidence. But the roadmap needs to be as streamlined and uncomplicated as possible to reduce the time spent on admin tasks and optimise the workflow of key […]

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