What Are The Key Features Of EPAPro?

Accurate assessment of candidate performances during apprenticeship training is essential to provide a robust and trustworthy overview of their emerging skills and to infuse your organisation’s programmes with confidence. But the roadmap needs to be as streamlined and uncomplicated as possible to reduce the time spent on admin tasks and optimise the workflow of key […]

How Are End Point Assessment Organisations Funded?

The conditions for entry on the official register of end point assessment organisations (EPAOs) changed in 2019, with important implications for how EPAOs are funded. The main change to be aware of is that the UK government has ceased funding apprenticeship standards that do not have an approved, registered EPAO in place. To be eligible […]

7 Factors To Consider To Become An End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO)

Assessment businesses have to fulfil strict criteria before being recognised as apprenticeship end point assessment organisations. The first step is to apply for entry onto the register of end point assessment organisations, a government-managed database that is consulted by employers and training providers when seeking out an EPAO. After this, the EPAO can advertise their […]

Why EPA Pro Is The Most Innovative Solution For EPAOs To Efficiently Manage The Process

EPA Pro is our all-in-one software solution for end-point assessment management, submissions, and certification. With an easy-to-use interface, low learning curve, and a wide range of customisable features, we believe EPA Pro provides the best value for money – and is the most innovative solution – out of all the similar end-point assessment software products […]

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