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Spotlight on… Teacher Degree Apprenticeships

Teacher Degree Apprenticeships will shake up the sector. Here’s what you need to know, and how you can support your apprentices to thrive with epaPRO.

Spotlight on… Motoring Apprenticeships

The automotive industry in the UK needs apprentices. AOs and Training Providers who can support them stand to gain as the EV revolution gathers pace....

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Spotlight on… Catering & Hospitality

First Brexit, then the pandemic, and now a cost-of-living crisis. The catering and hospitality industry has faced a barrage of challenges in recent...

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Spotlight on... Health & Social Care

The past year has been defined by uncertainty for health and social care, from news of staff shortages to continued strike action. The apprentice...

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Skilltech Solutions - SIAS Case Study

What's holding most EPAOs back? Why is an EPAOs social role vital for their bottom line? Read this fascinating discussion we had with Steve Smith...

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Spotlight on… Dentistry

Apprenticeships in Dentistry are an attractive option for those looking to pursue a career in dentistry and orthodontics. With comprehensive...

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7 signs you’ve gone ‘Excel-blind’

If there’s one thing that unites accountants, statisticians and EPAOs, it’s an intimate familiarity with spreadsheets.


Spotlight on… Tattooing

Tattooing is an industry unlike any other. Tattoo studios need skilled artists, but the qualification pathways to produce them are still being built....

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Spotlight on... Pharmacists

We shine a spotlight on standards in our industry. The first in our series is the ill-fated Pharmacist standard, which has been on and off the shelf...

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Outlook for 2023: Skilltech opinions

Between the merry-go-round of Education Secretaries and the vast underspend in the sector as a whole, it’s fair to say that 2022 was an exciting year...

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4 years on: how have EPAs evolved

It’s been 4 years since the EPA system of assessment was introduced, but how has it changed since the beginning?

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Spotlight on... Construction

The construction industry is a huge provider of apprenticeships. We examine why they have endured for so long, and what the future holds.

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Can You Integrate Microsoft To An EPA Software?

Keeping abreast of your workload as an EPA assessor can be challenging. EPA software eliminates many problems of trying to manage a assessment...

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EPAPro Now Has Aptem Integration!

Skilltech Solutions is pleased to announce that the first phase of integration between EPAPro and Aptem has been completed.


Remote Invigilation Coming Soon!

Skilltech Solutions have launched our very own Remote Invigilation service this February 202, fully integrated into EPAPro and is provided by...


Spotlight On… The Value Of Apprenticeships

Anyone who has undertaken an apprenticeship, or who has supplied training, guidance, and assessment to an apprentice, understands the value of the...

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5 Reasons To Use EPAPro From Skilltech Solutions

EPAPro is a dynamic service-delivery platform that guides EPA assessors, employers, training providers, and apprentices through the entire End Point...

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What Is An EdTech Company?

With its active interfaces, integrated connectivity, and engagement-boosting techniques, EdTech is one of the most vibrant educational innovations of...

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Why An EPAO Must Be Impartial

End-Point Assessments (EPA) are very important for apprentices as they have to demonstrate the knowledge and skills that they have learned.

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What Are The Key Features Of EPAPro?

The EPA platform has been developed in consultation with some of the UK’s most prominent apprenticeship providers and employers, with an array of...

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How Has EPA Changed In The last Year?

The events of 2020 and 2021 have created a challenging environment for apprenticeships and end-point assessments.